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Montgomery boys learn new way to be macho

Boys from Montgomery Government Primary School were urged to strive towards being macho, but not in its traditional sense. “You need to be Multifaceted, Assertive, Caring, Healthy and Outstanding,” said motivational speaker Michael Stewart, as the Tobago House of Assembly Division of Community Development, Enterprise Development and Labour hosted its MACHO Man programme in the village of Bethel.

With issues among men such as poor communicating skills and lack of respect for their partners being prevalent in society, the THA felt it was important for boys to be taught qualities that will assist them to be successful at life as they become older.

The Montgomery school was the first stop on Wednesday.

Stewart outlined the aim of the programme to Newsday Tobago as they seek to redefine what it is to be a macho man.

“We wanted to engage the boys, trying to instil in the hearts of boys and men the idea of MACHO, but not in its traditional way of a man being this overpowering person, but really a man who is Multifaceted, Assertive in his lifestyle, Caring in his demeanour, Healthy in his outlook and Outstanding in his performance. Once we have those sorts of (qualities) being emulated and being displayed in our children, our boys and our men, then we would have MACHO men within our communities,” he said.

The second stop was a free health clinic in Bethel, which also saw a display of key services offered by other partnering agencies. There were also various attractions such as free barbering services, culinary delights by the Bethel Men can Cook group, and games.

Later in the afternoon, there was a community walk through from the Montgomery Recreational Grounds to Bethlehem Junction to spread the message and rally other men to their cause.

The day culminated with entertainment from Gen Ex, Blessed Messenger, Terrence Baynes, Jedidiah and Redemption Sound Setters Steel Orchestra among others.

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