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Mobil Outlaw is High Points champ

Thursday, July 12, 2018

E-Class campaigners Mobil Outlaw sharpened up for this year’s Carib Great Race in August by being crowned ‘Boat of the year high points champion’ at the T&T Power Boat Association’s fifth and final Regatta on on July 1 at the T&T Yacht Club in Chaguaramas.

Under stormy conditions, the team of Brent Branker (driver) and throttleman Jason Ross continued their dominance in the 80mph class, by being among the winners on the day to earn themselves one of five ‘boats of the day’ award.

However, their crowning moment came after a tally of the points for the five regattas to date put them ahead on national points with 3, 460.

Though much slower than its competitors in the 130mph ‘A Class’ and the 95mph ‘D Class’, Mobil Outlaw still accumulated more points at each regatta, with 650 in the first, 700 in the second and 880, 635 and 595 respectively in the other three regattas. Motul Monster, the 130 mph A Class winner posted points of 600, 660 and 865 as it failed to show up for the two other events for a total of 2125 points.

In spite of Monster’s overall triumph in its class, it was Cat Killer that got the nod for the ‘boat of the day’ prize. Also claiming ‘boat of the day’ awards were Energiza in the 95 mph D Class: Chris Gone Wild in the 70 mph F Class and Soul Rebel in the 60 mph G Class.

The final regatta, known as the “Shakedown” before the T&T Great Race carded for August 18 also saw three other boats claiming the top national championship positions in their respective classes, namely Ultra Rush in the 95 mph D Class: Fire Chief II in the 70 mph F Class and Trident in 60 mph G Class.


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