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DEVELOPMENTS in Venezuela have overshadowed the rapidly deteriorating situation in Haiti. But just as it has with the situation in Caracas, Caricom needs to urgently intervene to facilitate a dialogue with a view to the peaceful implementation of the will of the Haitian people. Those people have,...
THE EDITOR: The social contract is a philosophy that individuals forfeit some of their rights to the State. The State now has the duty to provide for the citizens. The citizens pay taxes to fund these services that the citizens themselves depend on. Services such as security, public utilities,...
TTUTA PART III AS THE name implies, a student-centred curriculum places focus on the child, ensuring that the peculiar needs of the child are taken into consideration. Understanding that not all children learn the same way owing to their varied learning styles and preferences, the student-...
THE EDITOR: I see that the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police have declared war on criminals. Long before, commentators and politicians had been criticising and calling on the Government to do something about crime. As I see it, nothing can be done about crime in TT by...
THE EDITOR: I have been visiting Tobago every year since 2000 and have been getting extensions since 2004. This time however I was refused after a very brief interview. No reasons were given and I was treated in a very highhanded manner. I duly left the island in January in a very angry and...
A ONE-LEGGED man charged with cultivating marijuna pleaded with a magistrate yesterday that drinking marijuana tea might save his other foot. Eric Cummings, 58, of Claxton Bay, pleaded guilty before Alicia Chankar in the San Fernando Magistrates' Court. He was brought into court hopping on his...
UNC PRO Anita Haynes has responded to Attorney General Faris Al Rawi's comments that the Opposition was not supporting certain bills by saying he is "a stranger to the truth." Haynes made the comment in a media release yesterday. “The Attorney General’s recent accusation that the Opposition is not...
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith this afternoon stood by earlier remarks criticising media houses for "biased" coverage. He said it was intended as constructive criticism and to raise the standard of reporting in TT. Newsday spoke with Griffith. who said the reports from some media houses showed...
Drivers obeying the law and showing consideration to pedestrians and other drivers should look forward to getting tickets this Carnival season, as soca star Machel Montano donated 40 concert tickets to the police service's I Support Our Service (ISOS) campaign today. According to a release issued...
THE Filmmakers Collaborative (FILMCO) and state broadcaster TTT have signed a partnership agreement, an historic moment in the local film and television industry. "This groundbreaking arrangement puts local content producers at the forefront of TTT’s programming and promotional schedules," FILMCO...


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