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Pharmaceuticals companies across the country have been ripping off citizens for many years and denying people their rightful position to heal themselves with cannabis, said chairman of the All Mansions of Rastafari (AMOR) Clyde Noel, yesterday. Noel made the statement to hundreds of supporters...
RURAL Development and Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein said on Friday the court’s decision to award $85 million to some 152 municipal police officers, relates to a matter that has been ongoing for 15 years. Hosein said this matter relates to delays at the Statutory Authorities Service...
Kylah Owens, a student of Signal Hill Secondary, emerged the winner of the Mason Hall Police Youth Club essay competition, writing on the topic, ‘The Importance of Healthy Living.’ Owen said she entered the competition because of a love for creative writing and a realisation that most of her peers...
Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan was insistent last week that the government would not bow to protests and repair roads. He was responding to a protest organised by the Point Fortin to San Fernando Taxi Drivers’ Association last week which found the drivers parking their cars at the...
PARAS RAMOUTAR Petrotrin is the latest casualty to add to the Government of TT’s list of failures in the management of the economy. Let’s rewind: BWIA, ISCOTT, Workers’ Bank, National Commercial Bank, Lake Asphalt, PTSC, Port Authority, Tobago Sea Bridge, Caribbean Airlines,...
THE EDITOR: The nation’s murder toll for this year is comfortably well past 400 plus and we are still a little over two months to go in 2018. The question to ask is, will we surpass the 2017 figure of 494? Well, I guess it is left to be seen. Our land has become blood-soaked and for a long...
THE EDITOR: It was good news when I saw that work on the Churchill Roosevelt Highway extension to Manzanilla had resumed in Cumuto. I can’t wait for a well-built highway to come to east Trinidad. The beauty of this project is that it will facilitate job creation. Even after its completion,...
LEELA RAMDEEN THE Catholic Archdiocesan observance of Justice, Peace and Community Week on the theme: Caring for Creation: 8th Work of Mercy, will ‘run’ from Saturday 20 October to Saturday 27 October. A Calendar of key events is included in this week’s Catholic News and a Prayer...
THE EDITOR: I am thankful as a patriot of this nation that the Galleons Passage was successful in its first real test and that the sea bridge fiasco is finally over. I was stranded in Tobago several months ago and as a result lost my job. I am pleased to hear that the Galleons Passage took just...
I DIDN’T hear the first part of the conversation, but I perked up when the man making omelets in Living Waters’ cafeteria said, “The movie I really want to see in MovieTowne is ‘Hero’.” “I really want to see that too. That’s the one with Bradley...


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