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TEXT me on the sex island party. This was the call to the country yesterday from Police Commissioner Gary Griffith as he called on law-abiding citizens with knowledge of the highly publicised Sex Island party to pass on the information to him so he can act and prevent lawlessness. Griffith...
Secretary for the Environment, Kwesi Des Vignes, says environmentalist shouldn’t be alarmists about the proposed Sandals resort in Tobago, and that the location “isn’t completely in the Bon Accord lagoon and at Ramsar locations.” Des Vignes also defended the Environmental...
While there are plans for 2019 to build a centre for the homeless, Port of Spain mayor Joel Martinez said the city corporation, in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services, is working to make the stay at the displaced centre comfortable for residents. Speaking to...
THE EDITOR: I was so overcome by sadness at the death of 13-year-old Joash Pantin (RIP) that I am moved to write this letter. I start by asking if the Prime Minister, President or the Commissioner of Police had lost a child or family member through murder, would they not feel motivated to change...
THE EDITOR: If the Prime Minister needs to decide on beginning impeachment proceedings against the Chief Justice, why was it that out of some 1,000 lawyers in TT only 182 members of the Law Association found themselves available to vote on the motion? Could this be one of the reasons we are...
THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY THE ONLY person who could possibly be more fed-up of Brexit than me must be British Prime Minister Theresa May – and she, at least, is getting something out of it, even if only a pay cheque now and, in the near future, a far earlier retirement from political...
THE EDITOR: Trade union leaders continue to display their inability to adapt to the changed economic circumstances of the country. Nonetheless, one recent opinion survey found that a majority of people still think unions are necessary for the well-being of the society. However, it is a well known...
THE EDITOR: Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has become a superman in the crime fight, solving crime faster than anything we have ever witnessed before, which leads many to ask what was going on in the Police Service before. What was lacking was leadership. One of the requirements of a great...
THE EDITOR: On Sunday last the Heliconia Foundation for Young Professionals held its 5th Annual Christmas Charity Cocktail event. All proceeds go to the Heliconia Scholarship Trust Fund which provides grants for young university students from impoverished communities. Minister of Public Utilities...
WITH LESS than three weeks to go before the end of the year, the murder toll has surpassed the 500 mark, making it the first time in this decade so many murders have occurred. The last time the 500 threshold was passed was in 2009, when 509 murders were reported. The only other year was 2008, when...


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