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The biggest sanction facing regional governments who may want to shirk responsibilities to the Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME) is the poor performance of countries acting alone. That, at least to Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, would be the biggest impetus for member countries to...
SEBASTIAN SALICRU At the heart of good leadership is the ability to manage one-self. Self-leadership is the capacity to achieve the direction and motivation to positively influence your own performance and involves developing the self-awareness and self-belief you need to take control of your life...
Agricultural workers, security guards, beauticians and barbers will now qualify for Caribbean Single Market Economy (CSME) skills certificates. This was just one of the outcomes of Tuesday’s special meeting among regional leaders to discuss the future of a “domestic economic space...
SAN FERNANDO has always distinguished itself as a leader and as it looks to sustainable development, it has embarked on a novel way of building its future by capitalising on its past. The idea is to bring commerce to the city through its rich history as a heritage tourism product. For this...
Question Dear Ask AFETT: I am currently in charge of a department which consists of a disproportionate number of men and women in very key leadership positions. This, however, has affected many critical decisions of the company. I see the need for greater equality and representation between the...
Sookhai’s Diesel Services Ltd, together with the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (Cariri), are seeking to put an end to the days when drivers would take their vehicles to be serviced and then have to run down the mechanics to find out when they would be fixed. Or, more importantly, avoid...
KIRAN MATHUR MOHAMMED Not enough companies list shares or borrow money by issuing bonds. And there just aren’t enough buyers and sellers willing to trade or invest. As of September 2018, there was over 4.99 billion in excess cash sitting in commercial banks. This is cash...
RYAN DARMANIE Last week I asserted that we need to fight for a re-invigorated capital city. But, how do we achieve this? In the words of Jan Gehl, renowned observer of city life, “cities must urge urban planners and architects to reinforce pedestrianism (walkability) as an integrated city policy...
STIRRING appeal was made for the nation’s youths to “get involved in politics” at the Junior Achievement's (JA) Annual Student (Male) Conference at the Central Bank auditorium. The call was made by youth empowerment advocate Nikoli Edwards, vice chair, policy, advocacy and projects, Commonwealth...
An autopsy has confirmed that Patricia La Chapelle, 62, died of multiple injuries to secondary vehicle collision. This was revealed yesterday by her son Dominik La Chapelle. La Chapelle, a former US Navy officer who now works with the US Department of Defense, said in a brief interview that his...


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