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AFTER the successful staging of O2N... Style Me Caribbean last year, the event will expand to include an O2N Eco System and an O2N Zen Zone during a two-day event scheduled for May 25 and 26. There will also be a panel discussion on Developing the Creative Economy on May 20, and another event...
Zameer Rahaman’s first breath underwater was pure exhilaration. He was 17-years-old and now, 25 years later, can still remember his moment of bliss. He’d found his passion. His mission then, since becoming certified in 1998 as a scuba instructor, has been to share that experience with his students...
Hiking has become a popular activity for many in TT and this need for recreation in nature has resulted in the formation of a number of hiking clubs and companies. Business Day had a conversation with Bruce Nisha, founder of iFit World Adventure Travel – which provides hikes, camping, yoga,...
On March 10, 2017, Matthew Caesar, 24, took his life. He was a mechanical engineering student at the University of the West Indies (UWI). His body was found on the university's football field. The news of Caesar's death affected many of his friends, who wondered: why? His friend Nuriyah Baksh,...
In this life, don’t be afraid if you are like a stone in a slingshot with many hands holding you and pulling you back. At some point in time, the very hands that hold you back will get tired and you will “sling” much further in life than expected –Brent Eastman. BRENT EASTMAN’S life has been one...
Question Dear AFETT, I just started my small business consultancy and would like to promote my business and my brand by doing more public speaking engagements and interviews on the electronic media. The problem is that I am an extreme introvert and terrified of public speaking and putting myself...
Renee Andrews recognised her life was in a rut and decided to do something about it. The 24-year-old worked at Massy Stores cooking easy-to-prepare meals but felt pressured to be even better. She knew she had to make a drastic life change, but opted to stick to the food industry. "My life started...
Maria Sookdeo, ACCA Business Development manager Business activities are an essential part of every society. Their success, especially when first starting up, depends on many social and economic variables, but one of the most important things is what legal form the business adopts. Long-term...
GISELLE P HUDSON I remember the day I started negotiating with myself regarding my commitment to walking daily. I figured, “what difference would one day make?” That one day slipped to two, then a week and then my walks became sporadic. I had recently completed walking every day, 10,...
KIRAN MATHUR MOHAMMED The Dragon gas deal is at a standstill. The World Bank projects tepid growth. We need new companies to move fast to fill the gap. Where do find new ideas? Most of us are put off by talk of innovation. We associate it with a remote concept of “genius.” But...


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