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BitDepth#1194 IN MARCH, Apple introduced a new subscription service, Apple News+, an upgrade to its earlier effort at bringing curated news to users of its devices. The new version isn’t free. It’s a subscription service, offering at a cost of US$9.99 access to 300 magazines that...
Cana­di­an-born To­ba­go-bred singer/song­writer, Caleb Hart sobriquet Brave­hart, the founder and lead vo­cal­ist of North-Amer­i­can roots reg­gae band Tas­man Jude is set to grace the stage at the Tobago Jazz Experience 2019. Hart, who described himself as a natural born performer since he was...
THE EDITOR: I certainly agree that Trinidad needs to build new roads. But we need to also upgrade existing roads in different parts of the country which to the driving public seems far away. It is not so much the distance but the poor state of our roads that makes the journey seem so remote. In...
THE EDITOR: The race dilemma facing our country is very sad and concerning at the same time. What have we become as a country where race appears to be a weapon we continue to use to degrade others? We are completely divided by race where politics is concerned. No one wants to hear of the...
THE PARTIES involved in the Sat Maharaj spat – the police, the media, Maharaj himself – have a duty to act impartially and to uphold standards of professionalism expected of them. To this end, we welcome Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith’s referral of this matter to the...
“Focus on the opportunities, not the obstacles” So says United States Olympian Lauryn Williams. Williams, 35, a multiple Olympic and World Championship medal-holder, is currently in TT, the birthplace of her father, to assist the TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) in creating career services...
THE EDITOR: A Charles of Mount Hope in his letter in the April 15 Newsday, entitled “Heads should roll in $3M tiles scandal,” seems to capture the almost obscene indifference of politicians in this country to being accountable for their actions. All his telling questions about...
JELANI BECKLES SECURITY officers located at the St Paul Street Multi-purpose Facility are frustrated that they have not been paid for six months and are pleading with the Sport Company of TT to give them the money they have worked hard for. One worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said life had...
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has until Friday to provide a copy of the warrant the police claimed they used to search the premises of Central Broadcasting Services (CBS), umbrella company for TV and Radio Jaagriti. The company's CEO is Satnarayan Maharaj, head of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha...
Omario “Rhino” Brooks of Riseland Trace, Bethel, has sent a heartfelt apology to the people of TT, the police and Commissioner Gary Griffith, after he was recorded lying on a police SUV claiming to be a “zesser.” The police vehicle, belonging to the Crown Point police station, was parked at the...


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